Our Mission

Founded in 2000, the Northern Ohio Breast Cancer Coalition Fund (NOBCCF) is an organization formed and led by breast cancer survivors. Our goal is to eradicate breast cancer by leading the effort to focus our communities, research institutions, the news media and consumer advocates on breast cancer. Like NBCC, the Northern Ohio Breast Cancer Coalition Fund works to inform, train and direct breast cancer patients and concerned others in knowledgeable and effective patient and research advocacy efforts at all levels.

We recognize that the process of curing and eradicating breast cancer involves access to quality health care, patient education and support, improved funding for research as well as consumer awareness. We have an education and advocacy network in the northern Ohio area and work to educate and assist women living with breast cancer to achieve the following goals:

  • To promote research through increased funding, improved research and recruitment and training of scientists
  • To improve access to high-quality screening, diagnosis, treatment and care for all women, particularly the underserved and uninsured, through change in the regulation and delivery of breast health care
  •  To facilitate the involvement and influence of those living with breast cancer in the northern Ohio area in improving access to quality health care, support services in the community as well as involvement in aspects of clinical trial design, including access to clinical trials


History & Accomplishments

Elizabeth Schulte, a 16-year breast cancer survivor, and Dr. David Weng, of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, formed the Northern Ohio Breast Cancer Coalition and Fund in the spring of 2000. Since that time it has expanded to a membership of approximately 400 survivors and concerned others with full-time staff, and an advisory panel of medical, health care and business professionals serving northern Ohio. The group is one of over 70,000 members of the National Breast Cancer Coalition, headquartered in Washington D.C. Following is a list of our activities and accomplishments

Research- We raise $150 million every year for breast cancer research

NOBCC members work with organizations across Ohio and the U.S. to lobby each year for funding of cutting edge research the Dept. of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program (BCRP), National Cancer Institute and other government agencies. Since the beginning of the BCRP, Ohio researchers have received over $70 million in breast cancer research and professional development grants.

Breast & Cervical Cancer Treatment Program 

NOBCCF's advocacy network helped enact the Breast & Cervical Cancer Prevention & Treatment Act in Congress in 2000, providing low income, uninsured women with access to Medicaid coverage during treatment and follow up care. In 2001, Ohio members led the effort resulting in Ohio's adoption of the Treatment Program. Since it began, it has provided treatment to nearly 400 uninsured Ohio breast & cervical cancer patients.

Through its work with breast cancer researcher, Dr. Susan Love, NOBCCF was instrumental in bringing the latest breast cancer screening method, ductal lavage (a "Pap test" for breast cancer), to Cleveland. This collaboration resulted in funding for innovative research in early detection of breast cancer

Through the National Breast Cancer Coalition, a multi-million dollar Breast Cancer & Environmental Research Program has been established at the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences. This program will provide grants for research into environmental factors affecting breast cancer, leading to understanding causes and how to prevent this disease. A recipient of these grants is the University of Cincinnati.


Breast Cancer Symposium - Educates breast cancer survivors through presentation of breast cancer symposia for the last six years in Cleveland with a panel of top physicians to discuss new innovations in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. The symposium, which offers continuing education credits and encourages collaboration between local researchers, attracts professionals and survivors.
Peer to Peer Counseling - NOBCCF also provides education to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients through its Quality Care Initiative, helping them understand their diagnosis, the latest research and treatment options to discuss with their doctor.

Access & Support  

Established "Lend A Helping Hand", a patient advocacy and emergency assistance program for patients undergoing breast cancer treatment. This program includes a local hotline to provide information about free breast cancer screening and access to treatment. It also provides referrals, crisis counseling and care navigation to women and men diagnosed with breast cancer. Since 2001, LHH served over 400 patients in northeast Ohio, providing over $150,000.00 in financial assistance. Due to the increasing number of local financial assistance programs, NOBCCF ended its financial assistance program at the end of 2008, but continues to operate a help line for information and referrals. Like Us On Facebook:www.facebook.com/NOBCCFFollow Us on Twitter: @OHBreastCancer